Fender 30 Footswitch

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This footswitch is for the 1980-1981 Fender 30 amp, which isn't Rivera-era, but here you are anyway.
It probably won't work with any other amps.
I reverse-engineered this schematic from the amp schematic, and Nick Serra, who owns a Fender 30, had it built and it works. Just saying.

Fender 30 footswitch
I have kept my notes and I'll add an actual description of how the switching logic works inside the amp if anyone really, really wants it. Email me on stratopastor (at) hotmail (dot) com....

Here's the inside of Nick Serra's footswitch... he had it built into a Fender dome-style casing.

view inside 

photo- Nick Serra

The above advice is offered in good faith but I accept no responsibility for loss, damage, injury, death, blown up amps, etc etc. I'd appreciate it if you'd treat my write-up and sketches as copyright 2016 Andrew Waugh. Thanks.

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