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update Oct 2014 - wiring diagram added
update Oct 2017 - signal trace added


This page refers ONLY to the Rivera-era Fender Princeton Reverb II guitar amplifier (1982-86). (There are many Fender Princetons, all different - click on 'home' above to see a picture of this amp.)

The schematic is shown below, but you can click here to download a .pdf file (Adobe reader needed) showing the PRII's schematic, parts list and wiring diagram.

NOTE I have corrected one error on this schematic; there was a connection missing. Start at V1A plate - this is connected to the 0.0027uF mid-boost cap, the 250pF treble-pass cap, AND the 100K slope resistor (the 100K is not show as connected on some versions).

The image below was taken from Fenderholic's excellent website. I am posting it here only because his/her 'site seems to have been 'down' for a while. (Come back soon, Fenderholic! it's a great site!).  This is a .gif file and I suggest you right-click on the image, save it in your computer, and print it out. Now. It's an uncertain world, Fenderholic went off the air without warning, and you don't know what's going to happen this site, either. 

Safety / Damage Disclaimer
Valve (tube) amps develop LETHAL VOLTAGES while running, and store them in charged components EVEN WHILE SWITCHED OFF AND DISCONNECTED FROM MAINS SUPPLY. These voltages are MUCH HIGHER than mains, and higher than anything you'll find inside a transistorized amp. If this scares you, good. Inside a chassis, don't use your fingers to touch anything which isn't insulated or earthed (grounded). Don't stick more than one hand in at a time, and keep the other hand well away. Use fine-nose pliers to manipulate components. If you're not sure what you're doing, get local help.

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 Here's Fender's wiring diagram. I have made one correction because in the original, one resistor was not shown - it's the 15K bias-setting resistor lying beside the 10/100 electrolytic.
  There's a clearer version here but without the correction. 
PRII wiring diagram, corrected

Here is the same wiring diagram with the signal paths coloured in. Green is the normal signal path, blue is the reverb circuitry, and red is the 'lead' sound.
(1) the usual warning about very high voltages and my disclaimer concerning injury or damage.
(2) I have used green for the signal path before and after the lead and reverb sounds are combined. If you've got reverb or lead 'on' then the path shown green will have reverb or lead sounds in it after that point.
(3) Some paths are different when the footswitch is used. I have not shown these.
(4) The signal takes three paths through the tone controls. I have only shown the simplest path, which is through the treble control. Treble and mid boosts are shown 'off'.
(5) v4 (the fourth valve/tube, counting from the right) is the phase splitter, so it has 2 wires 'in' and 2 wires 'out', working in a kind of parallel arrangement, each feeding one of the 6V6 power valves/tubes.

signal path 

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