Dec 2015
Justin Holton's Hot Rod Deluxe web pages

Long ago (by internet standards) there was a guitar enthusiast at a university in Kentucky, USA by the name of Justin Holton. He created a wonderful website for owners of the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe on his university's server. Then it wasn't available. Then he hosted it himself around 2010. Now (Dec 2015) I am grateful to web designer Mark Newcomb for pointing out to me that Justin's stopped hosting it. You can download all of Justin's old site here - it's a zip file of 5.2Mb. It un-zips into pdf files. I am offering it here as friendly service to HRDx owners.

Better yet, Mark Newcomb has taken all of Justin's material and put it up on the web again here on a nice new website. 

If you're reading this, Justin, and you don't like what I'm doing here, please email me and I'll take it down pronto.

Everyone else; download it if you like. Whatever you do with it, (a) always give credit to the author (b) don't ask me any questions about it - I simply won't know, having no experience of this amp and not having read much of the stuff I'm making available here. OK, email me if the link fails, but don't email me about any aspect of the HRDx. I also believe Justin no longer fields questions about this amp. There are discussion boards for that  :-)

Also available - the individual pdf files, as kindly hosted by Fritz_D_Cat of the FDP. You may find this format more convenient.


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Justin Holton wrote the Hot Rod Deluxe website and any copyright rests with him.

Affiliation  (or lack of it)
It hardly needs saying, but I am in no way associated with Fender or any of the other esteemed companies mentioned in this website.

All trademarks and copyrights are acknowledged Ė Fender, their amp model names, their schematics, etc etc.
Safety / Damage Disclaimer
A lot of amp-speak is highly subjective and your opinion of reported  'improvements' may differ. Valve (tube) amps develop LETHAL VOLTAGES while running, and store them in charged components EVEN WHILE SWITCHED OFF AND DISCONNECTED FROM OUTLET / MAINS SUPPLY. These voltages are MUCH HIGHER than mains, and higher than anything youíll find inside a transistorized amp. If this scares you, good. Inside a chassis, donít use your fingers to touch anything which isnít insulated or earthed (grounded). Donít stick more than one hand in at a time, and keep the other hand well away. NEVER, ever, work inside a live amp while holding a connected guitar. Use insulated fine-nose pliers to manipulate components. If youíre not sure what youíre doing, get local help. The details in this whole site are offered in good faith but you act on them at your own risk. The original author of this material disclaimed any and all responsibility. I disclaim any responsibility for injury, damage, loss of value or loss of gig due to inoperative equipment (etc) when writing about amps I've actually worked on, so if you think I'm going to take responsibility for what someone else has written about an amp I've never even played.... let's get real here.